Who We Are

Our Story

Financial Literacy for Youths (FLY) is an initiative started by students, for students. We are dedicated to spreading awareness regarding the importance of knowledge in finance and how it can personally empower youths through the education of finance, economics, technology and investment.

Currently with a team of over 30 people in Malaysia, we are focused on giving the best financial talks alongside weekly publications.

Our Mission

We engage and develop the youth to create a positive impact on society by offering practical, tangible opportunities for the youth to foster their professional development and hone their leadership skills.

Nation Building

We create purposeful content that can be easily comprehensible by the youth. We also host an array of events such as interactive webinars, panel discussions and competitions to pique the interest of youth in finance and other related fields.

Improve the Standard of Financial Literacy

We produce a variety of infographics and articles with the aim of creating accessible content and endeavour to empower the financial future of the youth to make more informed financial decisions.

Encourage Reading and Writing among Youths

Words from Our Co-Founders

FLY: Malaysia was founded by two students from the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), Nur Izzat Aiman bin Nur Aziz (BSc Accounting and Finance) and Adam Tiam Wen Yong (BSc Actuarial Science) in July 2015.

What started as a mini-project became Malaysia’s largest student-run financial literacy NGO – outcompeting even the more well-funded corporate-backed organisations in delivering quality content. The overwhelming support towards FLY by the Malaysian public is a testimony of our excellent work here and how there is still much to be done!

Nur Izzat Aiman bin Nur Aziz

FLY was born almost 8 years ago focused on making financial literacy accessible to all. We believe that regardless of what profession you enter, even non-finance related, financial knowledge is critical and should be made accessible for low-to-no cost and also easily digestible.

Adam Tiam Wen Yong

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