FLY VIP aims to simulate a fund, where a small team from FLY: Malaysia works to construct a virtual investment portfolio.

More often than not in Malaysia, some of the investment theses are as simple as “X told me to buy” and “I heard from A that news will be announced”. FLY Virtual Investment Portfolio (FLY VIP) aims to rise above this as any changes and investments we wish to make on paper, need to be justified with a clearly laid out thought process, as we draw on fundamental and technical ideas.

DISCLAIMER: This should not be misconstrued as financial advice, nor is this an inducement to take any positions. This is simply an educational illustrative exercise and does not represent the views of FLY: Malaysia as a whole.

Investment Theses

Many young people find investing to be an incredibly daunting task There’s always the question of what, how, when, who and why?  To boil it

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