Shining a Light on Investing in Solar: Why It’s a Bright Idea for Your Portfolio

Introduction  Interest in renewable energy, such as wind and solar, has been growing since society has become more aware of climate change. However, the recent energy crisis in Europe has accelerated the adoption to some extent.  The rationale was that critical energy transportation links carrying gas to Europe, which they had heavily relied on, were […]

The Energy Crisis in Europe

1.0 Introduction It is no exaggeration to say that energy laid the foundations for mankind to transition into the modern era, thus making it possible to leverage various energy sources to make significant advancements in our society. The primary reason European countries have become themselves as a manufacturing powerhouse and a high welfare state is […]

Food Security in Malaysia

Food security has recently become the most highlighted issue for all countries, including Malaysia, as other nations have imposed food protectionism. For instance, India’s rice export ban, which contributes to 40 percent of the rice export, has reduced the world rice supply, impacting the rice-importing countries significantly due to a surge in global rice prices […]

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