Simplifying Supply Chains

Reading time: 9 minutes Introduction By now, you may have heard that the world has run short of everything from coffee to coal. You personally may have been caught off guard by the shortage of toilet paper in the supermarket. Perhaps, you’ve also felt the pinch of rising computer prices due to the price increase […]

Modern Monetary Theory

Reading Time: 7 minutes Is Printing Money Actually Okay? To cushion the blows of the coronavirus pandemic, many nations resorted to “printing money”, to stimulate the economy.  Printing Money: A more colloquial term for expansionary monetary policy, where central banks buy up securities (stocks, bonds) from the open market. When central banks do this, they […]

How COVID-19 Affects Consumer Behavior

Introduction Since the beginning of COVID-19, lockdown has been implemented globally and individuals are forced to stay at home which leads to a change in consumer behavior. One of the most common changes is that consumers have chosen to do their shopping online as it is obvious that stores are not open in response to […]

The Halal Industry. Does it really affect Malaysia’s economy?

The world has seen the rapid growth of the halal industry in recent years. The halal product market is expected to grow by 28% from 2016 to 2022. The market segmentation of the halal industry has extended to non-muslim as well. It turned the halal industry to be inclusive for both Muslim and non-muslim. As […]

Trump and Trade: NAFTA

Trump has been particularly vocal about his commitment to revoke NAFTA on the grounds that it has led to jobs losses in the US, as labor is increasingly outsourced to cheaper countries like Mexico. Signed by President Clinton in 1994, NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) was an agreement between Canada, Mexico and the United […]

The Impact of Child Marriages on the Economy

What were you doing at the tender age of 11? Hanging out with your peers and wondering when your next meal is going to be? Well, most of us have experienced the intricacies of childhood but Masaryu Mat Rashid faced a different fate. She had to marry a 41-year-old Kelantanese man as his third wife […]

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