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Cryptocurrency. First gaining public attention due to the rise of Bitcoin, many innovations our age has adopted the use of cryptocurrency. In contrast to the traditional coins and cash system, cryptocurrency facilitates the exchange of goods and services via digital assets. For instance, consumers could exchange their fiat currencies to cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoins at […]

Blockchain in Banking (Part 2)

How are banks/financial institutions reacting to this new form of technology? What is the general perception among the world’s public towards this? Bitcoin and Alike: Banks Hate Them Perhaps the most memorable impression we’ve had when it comes to the relationship between Bitcoin (which is an advent of blockchain) and banks or financial institutions is […]

Blockchain in Banking (Part 1)

The rising popularity of Blockchain, especially within the industry application itself – has enabled it to evolve and become the backbone of a whole new type of Internet service where digital information is to be distributed, instead of being copied or duplicated. Despite being well-known, few people understand what blockchain really is, and how blockchain […]

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