Left to right: Chiaw Yee (FLY: Malaysia), Peyton (SuperCharger KL), Alan (FLY: Malaysia), Kingsley (FLY: Malaysia)

Ladies and gentlemen, good news! FLY: Malaysia and SuperCharger KL have come into a partnership! This partnership aims to build up FinTech knowledge among younger generations, allow more exposure exchange and knowledge sharing for both parties. In this collaboration, SuperCharger KL Academy would act as the mentor advisory partner for FLY: Malaysia by providing guidance in all FinTech related aspects while FLY: Malaysia would act as the bridge and platform for SuperCharger KL to connect with the youths and universities.

SuperCharger is a FinTech Accelerator that helps international start-ups to scale their innovative technologies and build their businesses across Southeast Asia. On the other end, SuperCharger helps their partners to source for the best FinTech start-ups to work on current problem statements faced. Moreover, SuperCharger is built upon strong academicians with a significant research background in FinTech and RegTech, in which sees spearheading its latest intention in building the Academy arm in Kuala Lumpur, with the hope to help educate more individuals on financial technology.

This collaboration would focus mainly on (1) FinTech Education for Youth & Universities. This aims to build and educate the younger generation to be literate in the field of FinTech for better career prospects as the world of technology is booming rapidly. Secondly, (2) Event co-creation strives to create educational exposure and in-person interactions between FinTech experts and youths. Thirdly, (3) Internships and Talent Immersion opportunities seek to provide hands-on learning experiences through direct work with SuperCharger KL or its respective FinTech cohorts.

As such, FLY: Malaysia will begin to do what it does best again, via expanding towards the regime of FinTech through our newly introduced FinTech Series Program. Throughout this programme, we take the approach of progressive contents in our FinTech research articles to slowly build up the inclusive knowledge among our readers, while complementing it with unique insights from our interviews with professionals in the field. And fret not (!), it also comes with our comprehensive infographics for quick grab and go. What’s more in future? Our joyful excitement to bring to you a series of new upcoming events in the field of FinTech, and exclusive internship programs.

Stay tuned!


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