The FLY Podcast returns better than ever – with guests from YPolitics (Ku Jie Yee and Elizabeth Lajawai) and an analyst from EMIR Research (Amanda Yeo) joining the FLY team to talk all about Budget 2023. You may be thinking what’s the point given that an election is underway and it has to be retabled, but we’d argue: we can still discuss this a *potential* government policy. Furthermore our conversation flowed into discussing the larger issues Malaysia faces. Interested in checking it out? Well in the episode we talk about these issues;


Dive deep into the Sabahan Economy and the systemic issues it faces (06:10)

Whether the spending is enough to ‘woo’ voters (12:06)

Will these East Malaysian projects be enough to solve the issues (16:40)

Budget 2023 and it’s focus on Women (20:15)

Budget 2023 and it’s focus on Youths (29:11)

Budget 2023 and the Development Expenditure and ‘Mega Projects’ (38:17)


Disclaimer: The opinions in the podcast do not reflect the views of either FLY Malaysia, EMIR Research or YPolitics, and are solely held by the speakers.

Speakers: Muhammad Bahari, Jennifer Ley, Jie Yee Ku, Elizabeth Lajawai and Amanda Yeo

Editor: Muhammad Bahari

Designer: Damia Zulaikha, Qurratul Ainin

#FLYResearch #accounting #podcast

*50 minutes to listen

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