On this edition of the FLYouths Podcast, we welcome the founder of @herduit, Michelle! Her. Duit has over 13,000 followers on Instagram, and in the conversation we’ve had with her we covered a wide range of things which include:

  • The inspiration behind HerDuit
  • Building a solid financial foundation with the long term in mind
  • The arguments of diversification
  • Why just saving, doesn’t really work
  • Best Inflationary Hedges
  • Navigating the world as a youth
  • Should I get a house vs a car
  • Taxes in Malaysia
  • The best investments
  • Thinking about retirement

Whether you feel like you’ve mastered personal finance, or are just starting, this laid back discussion between Michelle and our Research Team is sure to be an insightful one that will help you achieve your financial goals!

Guest Speaker: Michelle Chin

Host: Lee Jih Yih and Tee Jia Rou

*60 minutes to listen

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