Check out this month’s episode as we welcome the Founder of TYMBA Education, Mr Airil Razali! If you’re interested in learning how to start a business, the future of the accounting profession with the advent of technology or career prospects, you don’t wanna miss out on this episode!

If you are only interested in certain topics feel free to jump ahead with these timestamps:

Starting a business : 1:25

The future of Accounting with Technology : 14:30

Career advice to aspiring professionals : 23:00

The interest in discussing technologies is that, modern technologies have indeed helped firms with dealing in repetitive tasks, and reduced the burden, but may also make certain professions redundant, decreasing the job opportunities among youths. Should prospective accountants fret that their jobs may be taken away? Have a listen to what our guest thinks.

Mr Airil, for one, has had experience in a Big 4 Firm, as well as starting his own ventures, like his accounting firm and Nusantara Audiobook, so do give a listen if you’re curious as to hear his experiences!

Host: Muhammad Bahari, Myra Kiasatina, Tan Dei Lonn 

Designer: Hiew Jia Ying

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*46 minutes to listen

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