The Lack of Retail Investors Amongst Youths in Malaysia

The Lack of Retail Investors Amongst Youth in Malaysia The retail investing scene in Malaysia has grown and matured in recent years (Toh and Ahmad, 2010). This is in line with the trend seen in Malaysia’s Asian neighbours such as Hong Kong and Singapore. Technical analysis has always been preferred over fundamental analysis in Malaysia […]

Investment Linked Insurance Policy

 Investment-Linked Insurance Policies at the Surface  Investment-linked policy (ILP) is just as the name suggests, it is an insurance policy that combines both protection and investment. Don’t let this statement fool you. Even though there are investment elements in it, ILPs’ main priority is always to provide financial protection against financial catastrophe – namely the […]

Mortgage Insurance

  Mortgage Insurance – MRTA at the surface You decided that you want to have your own house, your own rules – and because like the majority of people you aren’t born with silver spoons, you realise you have to pay with your own money. You apply for a loan and because you are uninsured, […]

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