Why Trickle-Down Economics Doesn’t Work

Just like the rest of Europe at the moment, the United Kingdom faces numerous economic challenges that threaten the standard of living of its population. Surging energy prices, rising food costs and increasing interest rates have resulted in a recession predicted to last until the middle of 2023 with GDP estimated to fall about 0.3% […]

The Energy Crisis in Europe

1.0 Introduction It is no exaggeration to say that energy laid the foundations for mankind to transition into the modern era, thus making it possible to leverage various energy sources to make significant advancements in our society. The primary reason European countries have become themselves as a manufacturing powerhouse and a high welfare state is […]

Food Security in Malaysia

Food security has recently become the most highlighted issue for all countries, including Malaysia, as other nations have imposed food protectionism. For instance, India’s rice export ban, which contributes to 40 percent of the rice export, has reduced the world rice supply, impacting the rice-importing countries significantly due to a surge in global rice prices […]

Understanding China’s Property Crisis

Introduction You may remember the story of Evergrande Group, a property developer that threatened the collapse of the Chinese Financial Sector due to it’s overexposure (Click here to read more about it) – and a year on it seems to have been the tip of the iceberg. While many know China as a manufacturing, industrial, […]


INTRODUCTION “Data is the new oil of the digital economy”  – WIRED Data science has played a crucial role in modern businesses helping them improve their services and profits – and this is especially true in the finance sector. JP Morgan, one of the biggest banks in the world, plans to invest at least $11.5 […]

What is ESG, and how is Malaysia doing on the ESGfront?

Right off the bat, ESG stands for Environmental, Social and Governance which refers to standards that define a company’s behaviour and are utilised by socially responsible investors to evaluate possible investments. Recently, news & media publishers have repeatedly discussed ESG investing and many APAC (Asia Pacific) businesses have adopted ESG practices. Businesses listed under Bursa […]

How do Buy Now Pay Later Firms Make Money? And How to Use It Wisely

Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) has become increasingly popular in the Malaysian ecosystem especially with the emergence of Shopee’s SPaylater or atome pay that allows us to break our hefty bills down into instalments. Even the world’s most valuable company, Apple Inc has recently announced it’s integration of an instalment scheme into it’s Apple Pay […]

Bear Market’s Explained and How to Survive Them

Disclaimer: The viewpoints expressed by the author in this article do not necessarily reflect the viewpoints of Financial Literacy for Youth (FLY) Malaysia.  The terms “bear” and “bull” markets have been highlighted in most financial related articles.  There is a certain stigma associated with talking about bear markets and recessions, as if acknowledging them would […]

Losing 8 Billion Dollars in a matter of days and The Nickel Shortage of 2022

As the war between Russia and Ukraine rages on, our increasingly volatile economy faces new challenges daily. One unmistakable event has been the sudden inflation of nickel prices leading to the suspension of trades on the London Metal Exchange, a decision that has drawn widespread criticism. Continue reading our article to explore how a Chinese […]

Some practical saving advice : The 6 Jar Method

As we’ve discussed in previous articles, understanding how to save is a key stepping stone to achieving financial freedom.  Here, we present “The Six Jar Method” to offer a way you could manage your finances effectively. The concept of the 6 Jar Method is derived from T. Harv Eker’s “Secrets of a Millionaire Mind.” To […]